Let's Step Back To the Beginning. . .

Born to generations of shoe manufacturers. In 1863 Walkeaz was born, beginning as a small concession store on Facebook named Walkeaz. The dream was simple – to create an affordable luxury footwear and accessories brand. We understood from day one the importance of a perfect pair of shoes for the right occasion, and it’s with this ethos that the brand has built its reputation and grown. As the name suggests, we also love London, our home. As the epicenter of fashion with its vibrant, diverse, and creative energy, it’s a city that constantly inspires us. Fast forward to today.

Your Shoes, Our Passion

Our founder, designers and buyers are all true specialists in footwear, and attention to detail is our mantra. We are passionate about our products and with over 120 processes going into the construction of a pair of shoes, we take enormous pleasure and pride in the journey.

It’s the expert craftwork and meticulous detailing that says more about a shoe than a logo ever could. We’re trend-led but believe in timeless appeal – it’s simply in the confidence of wearing something ‘just right’ that works for only you.

Start With the Shoes

At Walkeaz we are the footwear specialists, but it’s you that brings them to life. Smart boots that help sell yourself in an interview, sliders that sum up an idyllic holiday, trainers that keep up with you as life gathers pace, and biker boots that lead the way for new adventures.